SIM808 Datasheet – Quad-Band GSM/GPRS Module

Part Number: SIM808

Function: Hardware Design

Package: 68 Pin ( Size: 24*24*2.6mm )

Manufacturer: SIM Com


SIM808 datasheet pdf


SIM808 module is a complete Quad-Band GSM/GPRS module which combines GPS technology for satellite navigation.

Designed for global market, SIM808 is integrated with a high performance GSM/GPRS engine, a GPS engine and a BT engine. SIM808 is a quad-band GSM/GPRS module that works on frequencies GSM 850MHz, EGSM 900MHz, DCS 1800MHz and PCS 1900MHz. SIM808 features GPRS multi-slot class 12/ class 10 (optional) and supports the GPRS coding schemes CS-1, CS-2, CS-3 and CS-4. The GPS solution offers best-in-class acquisition and tracing sensitivity, Time-To-First-Fix (TTFF) and accuracy.

With a tiny configuration of 24*24*2.6mm, SIM808 can meet almost all space requirements in users’ applications, such as M2M, smart phone, PDA, tracker and other mobile devices.

SIM808 has 68 SMT pads, which provide all hardware interfaces between the module and customers’ boards.

1. Support 4*4keypads by default

2. One full modem serial port(UART interface)

3. One USB, which support debug and firmware upgrading.

4. Audio channels which include a microphone input and a receiver output.

5. One SIM card interface.

6. Charging interface.

7. Programmable general purpose input and output (GPIO). […]


SIM808 Datasheet