SJ2258 PDF Datasheet – 6-Ch, Volume Control IC ( 20 Pin )

Part Number: SJ2258

Function: 6-channel Volume Control IC

Package: DIP 20 Pin type

Manufacturer: SzsanJing

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SJ2258 is a 6-channel volume control IC made of CMOS technology, using I2C control interface, 0.-79dB, 1dB/step attenuation range, low noise, high separation, very few peripheral components, is a new generation of AV The ultimate volume control component for a multi-channel sound system. I2C control interface, The address can be selected, and the peripheral components are required to be less DIP type packaging.

A Volume Control IC (Integrated Circuit) is a specialized electronic component used in audio systems to control the volume or gain of an audio signal. These ICs are designed to provide precise and often digitally controlled adjustment of audio levels, making them a crucial part of audio equipment such as amplifiers, audio receivers, sound systems, and portable devices like smartphones and tablets.


1. Six-channel design, 0.-79dB per channel, 1dB/step

2. Operating voltage range: 5V-7.5V

3. Low noise, S/N>100dB(A-Weight)

4. High channel separation>100dB


SJ2258 datasheet pinout


1. AV Surround Audio

2. Car stereo

3. Mini Combo

4. Computer Peripherals Multimedia Speakers

5. Other audio related applications


SJ2258 PDF Datasheet