SJ2258 PDF Datasheet – 6-Ch, Volume Control IC ( 20 Pin )

Part Number: SJ2258

Function: 6-channel Volume Control IC

Package: DIP 20 Pin type

Manufacturer: SzsanJing


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SJ2258 is a 6-channel volume control IC made of CMOS technology, using I2C control interface, 0.-79dB, 1dB/step attenuation range, low noise, high separation, very few peripheral components, is a new generation of AV The ultimate volume control component for a multi-channel sound system. I2C control interface, The address can be selected, and the peripheral components are required to be less DIP type packaging.


1. Six-channel design, 0.-79dB per channel, 1dB/step
2. Operating voltage range: 5V-7.5V
3. Low noise, S/N>100dB(A-Weight)
4. High channel separation>100dB


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1. AV Surround Audio
2. Car stereo
3. Mini Combo
4. Computer Peripherals Multimedia Speakers
5. Other audio related applications […]


SJ2258 Datasheet