SJ8305 Datasheet – 5W, Audio Power Amplifier

Part Number : SJ8305

Function : 5W Class-D audio power amplifier circuit

Package : SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturers : SJ ( )


SJ8305 datasheet

Description :

SJ8305 is a single-channel full-bridge Class D audio power amplifier output. When the supply voltage is 5V, while ensuring THD less than 10% Under the circumstances, providing 5W output power to 2Ω to 4 Ω speaker or speakers can provide output power of 3W. The sound Frequency power amplifiers few external components.

Pinouts :

SJ8305 pinout


SJ8305 circuit for external control, low-power shutdown mode and an internal thermal protection, and reduced “in the circuit open Machine surge pulse.

Application Circuits

Other data sheets within the file : SJ-8305

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