SK6211 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : SK6211

Function : SK6211 Enhanced UFD2.0 Controller

Manufacturers : Unspecified

Pinouts :

SK6211 datasheet

Description :

48-pin LQFP


The SK6211 is an Enhanced USB2.0 Flash Disk controller that complies with USB version2.0
specification and USB Mass Storage Class version 1.0 specification. Besides full speed 12Mbps complied with USB1.1 specification, SK6211 can provide a 480Mbps transfer rate. Designed with an enhanced power control circuit, the SK6211 fully complies with USB power specifications for bus powered devices, making it capable of bus-powered operation.

Besides rich features for UFD application, SK6211 is also addressing how to co-work with next generation NAND which are manufactured in the most advance technology. In order to interface with 50nm NAND, SK6211 ECC capability can correct up to 13 bits error.

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