SL100 Datasheet PDF – BV CEO=50V, NPN Transistor

Part Number : SL100

Function : NPN General Purpose Medium Power Transistor

Package : TO-39 Type

Manufacturers : Teamalia Lakhi

Pinouts :

SL100 datasheet

Description :

Sl100 transistor is a general purpose, medium power NPN transistor. Being a general purpose transistor makes the SL100 transistor open to a wide spectrum of electronic applications. Major applications range from general switching, manufacture of logic gates, amplification and sound reproduction, radio transmission and signal processing. However, it’s generally used as a switch in common emitter configuration.

Maximum Ratings

1. Collector-Emitter Voltage : BV ceo = 50 V
2. Collector-Base Voltage : BV cbo = 60 V
3. Emitter-Base Voltage : BV ebo = 5.0 V
4. Total Power Dissipation @ Ta=25’C : Pd = 800 mW


Automatic street light circuit, automatic emergency lights, beeper circuit, gas sensor alarm circuit, automatic voltage stabilizer, solar charger are also some applications.

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SL100 pdf