SLC1012C Datasheet – LED Backlight Driving Boost Switch

Part Number : SLC1012C ( = FAN7340 )

Function : LED Backlight Driving Boost Switch

Package : 16 Pin SOIC Type

Manufactures : Fairchild


SLC1012C datasheet


The SLC1012C is a single-channel boost controller that integrates an N-channel power MOSFET for PWM
dimming using Fairchild’s proprietary planar Double diffused MOS (DMOS) technology. The IC operates as a constant-current source for driving high-current LEDs.


SLC1012C pinout


1. Single-Channel Boost LED Switch
2. Current Mode PWM Control
3. Internal Programmable Slope Compensation
4. Programmable Switching Frequency
5. Analog and PWM Dimming

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