SM2082C Datasheet – Constant Current LED Driver – Linkage

Part Number: SM2082C

Function: Single-Channel Constant Current LED Driver Control Chip

Package: ESOP8, TO252-2 Type

Manufacturer: Linkage ( Goston Electronics )

Image :

SM2082C led driver


SM2082C is a single-channel constant current LED driver control chip, this chip uses our patented Constant current setting and control technology, the output current is set by an external resistor Rext 5mA ~ 60mA, and the output current does not vary with changes in voltage chip OUT port, preferably constant performance. System is simple, very few external components, low-cost solutions.


SM2082C datasheet pinout


(1) The Division’s patented constant current control technology

a) OUT port external output current is adjustable, Fan Wai 5mA ~ 60mA

b) inter-chip output current deviation <± 4%

(2) overheating protection function

(3) chip can be shared with LED PCB board

(4) chip applications no EMI issues

(5) line is simple, low cost


SM2082C Datasheet PDF


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