SM5841D Datasheet PDF – Audio Multi-function Digital Filter

Part Number: SM5841D

Function: Audio Multi-function Digital Filter

Package: DIP 18 Pin, SOP 22 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Nippon Precision Circuits


SM5841D datasheet



The SM5841D is a digital filter, fabricated in Molybdenum-gate CMOS, for digital audio playback systems. The features 4-times and 8-times oversampling, digital deemphasis, digital attenuation and soft mute funtions.


1. CD player normal / double-speed playback

2. Molybdnum-gate CMOS process

3. 5V Supply voltage

4. Oversampling filter

5. Digital attenuator

6. Overflow limiter

7. Crystal oscillator


SM5841D Datasheet PDF Download

SM5841D pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: SM5841A, SM5841B, SM5841C, SM5841DP, SM5841DS

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