SMF05 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : SMF05

Function : TVS diode array For ESD and Latch-Up Protection / SMF05 and SMF12

Manufacturers : Semtech Corporation

Pinouts :

SMF05 datasheet

Description :

The SMF series TVS arrays are designed to protect sensitive electronics from damage or latch-up due to ESD and other voltage-induced transient events. They are designed for use in applications where board space is at a premium. Each device will protect up to four lines.

They are unidirectional devices and may be used on lines where the signal polarities are above ground. TVS diodes are solid-state devices designed specifically for transient suppression. They feature large cross-sectional area junctions for conducting high transient currents.

They offer desirable characteristics for board level protection including fast response time, low operating and clamping voltage, and no device degradation.

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SMF05 pdf

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