SMMC12864-EA-01-SPC PDF – 128×64 dot, Display Module

Part Number: SMMC12864-EA-01-SPC

Function: 128×64 dot, Display Module

Manufacturer: ETC


SMMC12864-EA lcd module


SMMC12864-EA-01-SPC is 128×64 dot, Display Module.

A 128×64 dot display module refers to a type of graphical display that has a resolution of 128 pixels in width and 64 pixels in height. It is commonly used to show graphical content and text in various electronic devices and embedded systems.

This type of display is typically an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology. The “128×64” resolution indicates that the display can show 128 pixels horizontally and 64 pixels vertically, resulting in a total of 8,192 individual dots or pixels that can be controlled to create images, icons, and alphanumeric characters.


SMMC12864-EA-01-SPC pdf datasheet


1. Handheld devices like digital multimeters and test equipment.

2. Embedded systems for industrial control and automation.

3. Consumer electronics like audio players, smartwatches, and portable gaming devices.

4. Automotive applications in instrument clusters and infotainment systems.

5. Home appliances with graphical interfaces.

SMMC12864-EA-01-SPC Datasheet

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