SN65DSI86 Datasheet PDF – MIPI DSI to eDP Bridge

Part Number : SN65DSI86


Package : NFBGA 64 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

SN65DSI86 datasheet


Description :

The SN65DSI86, SN65DSI96 DSI to embedded DisplayPort(eDP) bridge features a dual-channel MIPI D-PHY receiver front-end configuration with 4 lanes per channel operating at 1.5Gbps per lane;

a maximum input bandwidth of 12Gbps. The bridge decodes MIPI DSI 18bpp RGB666 and 24bpp RGB888 packets and converts the formatted video data stream to a DisplayPort with up to four lanes at either 1.62Gbps, 2.16Gbps, 2.43Gbps, 2.7Gbps, 3.24Gbps, 4.32Gbps, or 5.4Gbps.


Features :

1. Implements MIPI D-PHY version 1.1 physical layer front-end and display serial interface (DSI) version 1.02.00

2. Dual-channel DSI receiver configurable for one, two, three, or four D-PHY data lanes per channel operating up to 1.5 Gbps per lane

3. Supports 18 bpp and 24 bpp DSI video packets with RGB666 and RGB888 formats


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SN65DSI86 pdf

Other data sheets within the file : SN65DSI86ZQER, SN65DSI96ZQER