SN65HVD01 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : SN65HVD01

Function : SN65HVD01 3.3V RS-485 with Flexible I/O Supply and Selectable Speed

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

SN65HVD01 datasheet

Description :

The SN65HVD01 is a low-power, 250 kbps or 20 Mbps data rate selectable RS-485 transceiver, utilizing a 1.65-V to 3.6-V supply for data and enable signals, and a 3.3 V ± 10% supply for bus signals. The device is designed for applications requiring synchronous (parallel transceiver) signal timing. On-chip transient suppression protects the device against destructive IEC 61000 ESD and EFT transients.

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SN65HVD01 pdf

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