SN74AVC16373 Datasheet -16-bit, Transparent D-Type Latch

Part Number : SN74AVC16373


Package : TSSOP 48 Pin, BGA 56 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

SN74AVC16373 datasheet


Description :

A Dynamic Output Control (DOC) circuit is implemented, which, during the transition, initially lowers the output impedance to effectively drive the load and, subsequently, raises the impedance to reduce noise. Figure 1 shows typical VOL vs IOL and VOH vs IOH curves to illustrate the output impedance and drive capability of the circuit. At the beginning of the signal transition, the DOC circuit provides a maximum dynamic drive that is equivalent to a high-drive standard-output device. For more information, refer to the TI application reports, AVC Logic Family Technology and Applications, literature number SCEA006, and Dynamic Output Control (DOC™) Circuitry Technology and Applications, literature number SCEA009.


• Member of the Texas Instruments Widebus™Family
• EPIC™ (Enhanced-Performance Implanted CMOS) Submicron Process
• DOC™ (Dynamic Output Control) Circuit Dynamically Changes Output Impedance,
Resulting in Noise Reduction Without Speed Degradation
• Dynamic Drive Capability Is Equivalent to
Standard Outputs With IOH and IOL of ±24 mA at 2.5-V VCC

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