SN74CBT16210 Datasheet PDF – 20-Bit FET BUS Switch

Part Number : SN74CBT16210

Function : 20-BIT FET BUS SWITCH

Package : SSOP, TSSOP, TVSOP 48 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

SN74CBT16210 datasheet


Description :

The SN74CBT16210 provides 20 bits of high-speed TTL-compatible bus switching. The low on-state resistance of the switch allows connections to be made with minimal propagation delay. The device is organized as a dual 10-bit bus switch with separate output-enable (OE) inputs. It can be used as two 10-bit bus switches or as one 20-bit bus switch. When OEis low, the associated 10-bit bus switch is on, and port A is connected to port B. When OEis high, the switch is open, and the high-impedance state exists between the ports.

Features :

1. Member of Texas Instruments’ WidebusFamily

2. 5-Ω Switch Connection Between Two Ports

3. TTL-Compatible Input Levels


SN74CBT16210 Datasheet PDF Download

SN74CBT16210 pdf

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