SP213EHCA-L Datasheet PDF – RS-232 Transceiver

Part Number : SP213EHCA-L

Function : High speed +5V high performance RS-232 transceiver

Package : SSOP 28 Pin type

Manufacturers : Exar Corporation

Pinouts :

SP213EHCA-L datasheet


Description :

The SP213EH, SP213EHCA-L device is a high speed enhanced multichannel RS-232 line transceivers with improved electrical performance and is a superior drop-in replacement to our previous versions as well as popular industry standards. The SP213EH features very low power CMOS construction and MaxLinear-patented (5,306,954) on-board charge pump
circuitry that generates the ±10V RS-232 voltage levels using 0.1μF charge pump capacitors.

Features :

1. Single +5V Supply Operation

2. 0.1μF External Charge Pump Capacitors

3. 500kbps Data Rate Under Load

4. Standard SOIC and SSOP Footprints

5. Lower Supply Current Than Competition(typical 3mA)

6. 1μA Shutdown Mode

7. Wake-Up Feature in Shutdown Mode

8. Tri-State Receiver Outputs

9. Ideal for High Speed RS-232 Applications

10. Improved ESD Specifications:


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SP213EHCA-L pdf

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