SPFD5408 Datasheet – 720-channel 6-bit Source Driver – Orise

Part Number: SPFD5408

Function: 720-channel 6-bit Source Driver with System-on-chip for Color Amorphous TFT -LCDs

Manufacturer: ORISE Technology


SPFD5408 image


The SPFD5408, a 262144-color System-on-Chip (SoC) driver LSI designed f or small and medium sizes of  TFT LCD display, is capable of supporting upto 240xRGBx320 in resolution which can be achieved by the designated RAM f or graphic data.  The 720-channel source driver has true 6-bit resolution, which generates 64 Gamma-corrected values by an internal D/A converter. The built-in timing controller in SPFD5408A can support several interf acesfor the diverse request of medium or small size portable display.

Block Diagram

SPFD5408 datasheet image

Reference Site: http://artofcircuits.com/product/

SPFD5408 Datasheet PDF


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