SS1091ASN Datasheet, SS1091ASN Pinouts (= OZ9966)

Part Number : SS1091ASN

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SS1091ASN image

Description :

High performance controller designed for large-size LCD TV applications requiring multiple lamps. It achieves a high efficiency power conversion with minimal switching loss using a full-bridge N-Channel MOSFET topology.


• Full-bridge or dual-forward topology
• Integrated high side N-MOSFET driver
• High drive capability and System synchronization
• Dedicated pins for Analog and LPWM dimming
• Selectable PWM dimming polarity
• Constant operating frequency
• Built-in intelligence to manage lamp ignition and normal operation
• Open-lamp, over-voltage, over-current, and under-voltage lockout protection
• User-defined striking and shutdown delay timers
• Soft start function

SS1091ASN  (= OZ9966)

SS1091ASN Pinouts

SS1091ASN Pinouts


OZ9966 Datasheet

SS1091ASN Datasheet

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