SSC9510 Datasheet PDF – Controller IC for Current Resonant

Part Number : SSC9510

Function : Controller IC for Current Resonant Type Switching Power Supply

Package : DIP 16 Pin, SOP 18 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Sanken Electric co.,ltd.

Image :

SSC9510 datasheet


Description :

The SSC9510 series products are controller ICs, incorporating a floating drive circuit for half-bridge type resonance.

The product achieves high efficiency and low noise power supply systems by the ZVS and ZCS. The product is recommended for high-efficiency small and standardized power supplies because of easy circuit designs with few external components.

Features :

1. Soft-Switched Multi-Resonant Zero Current Switch (SMZ)

The zero-current switching (ZSC) and zero-voltage switching (ZVS) of half-bridge type
resonance achieve the high efficiency and low noise systems.

2. Automatic Dead Time Adjustment Function for Wide Resonant Conditions

3. Burst-Oscillation Function

The function enables the stable output control at no load to light load conditions and improves
the efficiency.

4. Soft-Start Function

Applications :

1. Switching Power Supplies for Digital Consumer Equipment; LCD-TVs, PDP-TVs, etc

2. OA Equipment; Severs, Multi-Function Printers, etc

3. Industry Machines, Communication Devices, Others

SSC9510 Datasheet PDF Download

SSC9510 pdf

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