SSL6203TW Datasheet PDF

Part Number : SSL6203TW

Function : 120 V mains dimmable, 12W linear LED driver / HTSSOP20 Package

Manufacturers : NXP Semiconductors.

Pinouts :

SSL6203TW datasheet

Description :

The SSL6203TW is a monolithic high-voltage Integrated Circuit (IC) that can drive and dim three high-voltage LED strings directly from the rectified mains.The high level of integration gives a low-cost and low component count application, which is especially suitable for retrofit Solid-State Lighting (SSL).

The IC operates as a linear high-voltage current source. The string current in the LEDs can easily be adjusted. A patented LED drive scheme ensures optimal LED utilization.

The application can be dimmed. It also runs on a leading-edge phase cut dimmer with the integrated smart bleeder current.

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