SST-50 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : SST-50

Function : Chip LED

Manufacturers : Unspecified

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SST-50 datasheet


Description :

1. Extremely high optical output: Over 1,150 lumens from a single chip (white)
2. Extremely high efficiency: Over 100 lumens per watt at 1.75A
3. High thermal conductivity package – junction to case thermal resistance of only 2.45 °C/W
4. Large, monolithic chip with uniform emitting area of 5 mm2
5. Lumen maintenance of greater than 70% after 60,000 hours
6. Environmentally friendly: RoHS compliant
7. Variable drive currents: less than 1 A through 5 A
8. High reliability
9. Electrically isolated thermal path

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SST-50 pdf