ST10F168 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : ST10F168

Function : ST10F168 – 16-BIT MCU – 8KB RAM – 256KB FLASH MEMORY – 111 I/O – 1 CAN 2.0B INTERFACE

Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics

Pinouts :

ST10F168 datasheet

Description :

PQFP144 (28 x 28mm) package


The ST10F168 is a derivative of the STMicroelectronics 16-bit single-chip CMOS microcontrollers.
It combines high CPU performance (up to 12.5 million instructions per second) with high peripheral functionality and enhanced I/O capabilities. It also provides on-chip high-speed Flash memory, on-chip high-speed RAM, and clock generation via PLL.



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