ST52T440 Datasheet PDF – 8-bit Intelligent Controller Unit

Part Number: ST52T440

Function: 8-bit Intelligent Controller Unit (ICU)

Package: DIP, SO 28 Pin, DIP, SO 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


ST52T440 datasheet



ST52x400 / ST52T440 are 8-bit Intelligent Control Units (ICU) of the ST Five Family, which are able to perform both boolean and fuzzy algorithms in an efficient manner, in order to reach the best performances that the two methodologies allow. ST52x400/440 is produced by STMicroelectronics using the reliable high performance CMOS process, including integrated-on-chip peripherals that allow maximization of system reliability, decreasing system costs and minimizing the number of external components.

The flexible I/O configuration of ST52x400/440 allows for an interface with a wide range of external devices, like D/A converters or power control devices. ST52x400/440 pins are configurable, allowing the user to set the input or output signals on each single pin.


1. Memories
(1) Up to 8 Kbytes EPROM/OTP
(2) 128/256 bytes of RAM
(3) Readout Protection

2. Core
(1) Register File Based Architecture
(2) 55 instructions
(3) Hardware multiplication and division
(4) Decision Processor for the implementation of
(5) Fuzzy Logic algorithms


Other data sheets are available within the file: ST52E440F3D6, ST52E440G3D6, ST52T400, ST52T400F0py

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