STK403-130 Datasheet – Power Amplifier – Sanyo

Part Number : STK403-130

Function :  2 channels AF power amplifier

Package : ZIP 15 Pins

Manufacturers : SANYO

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STK403-130 datasheet


Description :


1. Channel Operation.
2. All tests are measured using a constant-voltage supply unless otherwise specified.
3. The output noise voltage is peak value of an average-reading meter with a rms value scale(VTVM).
A regulated AC supply(50Hz) should be used to eliminate the effects of AC primary line flicker noise.
4. Available time for load short-circuit and output noise voltage are measured using the specified
transformer power supply.


STK403-130 Datasheet

STK403-130 Circuit


Application : 100W audio use


STK403-130 Datasheet PDF Download


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