STPS1H100 Diode – 1A, 100V, Power Schottky Rectifier

Part Number: STPS1H100

Function: 1A, 100V, Schottky Rectifier, Diode

Package: SMA, SMAflat or SMB Type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

Image and Pinouts:

STPS1H100 datasheet



This is 1A, 100V, High voltage power schottky rectifier.

The Schottky rectifiers designed for high frequency miniature switched mode power supplies such as adaptators and on board DC/DC converters. Packaged in SMA, SMAflat or SMB.

A Schottky rectifier is a type of diode that is used for rectification purposes in electronic circuits.
It is characterized by a low forward voltage drop and fast switching speed, making it useful in high-frequency applications.

Unlike traditional diodes, which use p-n junctions to conduct current, Schottky diodes use a metal-semiconductor junction, which results in the low forward voltage drop and fast switching speed.



1. Negligible switching losses

2. High junction temperature capability

3. Low leakage current

4. Good trade-off between leakage current and forward voltage drop

5. Avalanche capability specified

6. ECOPACK2 halogen-free component(SMAflat)

Other data sheets are available within the file:



STPS1H100 Datasheet PDF Download

STPS1H100 pdf

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