STPS30H100C Diode – 100V, Schottky Rectifier

Part Number : STPS30H100C

Function : 100V, High voltage power Schottky Rectifier

Package : TO-200AB, TO-220AB narrow leads,TO-247,and I2PAK Type

Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics

Pinouts :

STPS30H100C datasheet


Description :

Dual center tap Schottky rectifier suited for switch mode power supplies and high frequency DC to DC converters. Packaged in TO-200AB, TO-220AB narrow leads,TO-247,and I2PAK this device is intended for use in high frequency inverters.


1. Negligible switching losses
2. Low leakage current
3. Good trade off between leakage current and forward voltage drop
4. Low thermal resistance
5. Avalanche capability specified

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STPS30H100C Datasheet PDF Download

STPS30H100C pdf