STR-F6454 PDF – STRF6454 – Regulator IC

Part Number : STR-F6454

Function : Regulator IC

Package : SIP 5 Pin Type

Manufactures : Sanken

Images :

STR-F6454 pdf

1 page
STR-F6454 image

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Description :

This is a hybrid IC consists from power MOSFET and a controller IC.


Features :

1. Oscillator is provided on the monolithic control with adopting On-Chip Trimming technology.

2. Small temperature characteristics variation by adopting a comparator to compensate for temperature on the control part.

3. Low start-up circuit current (100uA max)

4. Built-in Active Low-Pass Filter for stabilizing the operation in case of light load



STR-F6454 Datasheet

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