STR-W6053S PDF Datasheet – Off-Line PWM Controller

Part Number: STR-W6053S

Function: Off-Line PWM Controller

Package: TO220F-6L Type

Manufacturer: Sanken

Images:STR-W6053S pdf pinout


This is Off-Line PWM Controllers with Integrated Power MOSFET. The STR-W6000S, STR-W6053S series are power ICs for switching power supplies, incorporating a MOSFET and a current mode PWM controller IC. The low standby power is accomplished by the automatic switching between the PWM operation in normal operation and the burst-oscillation under light load conditions. The product achieves high cost-performance power supply systems with few external components.

An offline PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) controller, also known as a flyback controller, is an integrated circuit (IC) or electronic device used in power supply and power conversion applications. Its primary function is to regulate the output voltage of a power supply by controlling the duty cycle of a switching transistor, typically in a flyback topology. Offline PWM controllers are commonly used in various power supply designs, including AC-DC converters, DC-DC converters, and isolated power supplies.


1. Current Mode Type PWM Control

2. Brown-In and Brown-Out function

3. Auto Standby Function No Load Power Consumption < 30 mW

4. Operation Mode :

(1) Normal Operation : PWM Mode

(2) Standby : Burst Oscillation Mode

5. Random Switching Function

6. Slope Compensation Function

7. Leading Edge Blanking Function

8. Bias Assist Function

9. Audible Noise Suppression function during Standby mode

STR-W6053S datasheet



1. White goods

2. Office automation equipment

3. Industrial equipment

STR-W6053S PDF Datasheet