STV93028 Datasheet PDF – Vertical Deflection Booster – ST

Part Number: STV93028, Correct Number : STV9302B

Function : Vertical Deflection Booster for 2-APP TV (50-60 Hz) Applications

Package:  7-pin Heptawatt Package

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


STV93028 datasheet


The STV9302B ( STV93028 ) is a vertical deflection booster designed for TV (50-60 Hz) applications. This device, supplied with up to 35 V, provides up to 2 App output current to drive the vertical deflection yoke. The internal flyback generator delivers flyback voltages up to 70 V.


STV93028 pinout


1. Power Amplifier
2. Flyback Generator
3. Output Current up to 2 App
4. Thermal Protection

DC-coupled Application

1. When DC coupled (see Figure 4), the display vertical position can be adjusted with input bias. On the other hand, 2 supply sources (VS and -VEE) are required.

Other data sheets are available within the file: STV9302A, 93028, 9302B

STV93028 Datasheet PDF

STV93028 pdf

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