STW8A2PD Datasheet – 0.2W, Mid-Power LED ( PDF )

Part Number: STW8A2PD

Function: STW8A2PD – 0.2W Mid-Power LED (Cool, Neutral, Warm)

Package Size: 3.5×2.8×0.7mm ( 3528 Size )

Manufacturer: Seoul Semiconductor ( )




It has a substrate made up of a molded plastic reflector sitting on top of a lead frame. The die is attached within the reflector cavity and the cavity is encapsulated by silicone. The package design coupled with careful selection of component materials allow these products to perform with high reliability.

Product Selection Table

STW8A2PD information



1. Market Standard 3528 Package Size
2. High Color Quality, CRI Min. 80
3. RoHS compliant


1 .Interior lighting
2. General lighting
3. Indoor and outdoor displays
4. Architectural / Decorative lighting


STW8A2PD Datasheet PDF Download

STW8A2PD pdf


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