T5336 Datasheet PDF – SOP 8 Pin – Wireless Charging IC

Part Number: T5336

Package: SOP 8 Pin

Function: Wireless charging IC

Image: T5336


The T5336 is the latest high-frequency high-power integrated circuit developed by Xinketai. It is small in size and powerful in output power. It can work in a higher frequency range. It can greatly reduce the volume and size of the transmitting coil, enhance the transmitting power, and reduce the cost of the coil.


T5336 Datasheet


1. Automatic frequency lock

2. Automatic negative detection load

3. Automatic power control

4. High-speed energy transmission and transmission

5. Efficient electromagnetic energy conversion


T5336 circuit

T5336 Datasheet

XKT-412 Datasheet

T5336 pdf

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