TA7376 Datasheet PDF – Audio Power Amplifier

Part Number : TA7376

Function : Audio Power Amplifier

Package : SIP 9 Pin type

Manufacturers : Toshiba

Image :

TA7376 audio power amplifier

Description :

The TA7376 is dual audio power amplifier for portable products.


TA7376 datasheet pinout


1. Low operating supply voltage: VCC = 1.8~6V (Ta = 25°C)
2. Low quiescent current: ICCQ = 5.3mA (VCC = 4.5V)
3. Including ripple filter circuit: RR = −42dB (CRIP = 10μF, fr = 100Hz)
4. Voltage gain: GV = 39.5dB (typ.)
5. Very few external parts and small package. (SIP−9pin)

TA7376 Datasheet PDF


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