74LS95 Datasheet PDF – 4-Bit Parallel-Access Shift Register

Part Number: 74LS95


Package: DIP, SOP 14 Pin,

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Images :
74LS95 datasheet


These 4-bit register feature parallel and serial inputs, parallel outputs, mode control, and two clock inputs. The register have three modes of operation :

(1) Parallel (broadside) load
(2) Shift right (the direction Qa toward Qd)
(3) Shift left (the direction Qd toward Qa)

Parallel loading is accomplished by applying the four bits of data and taking the mode control input high. The data is loaded into the associated flip-flops and appears at the outputs after the high-to-low transistion of the clock-2 input. During loading, the entry of serial data is inhibited.



Other data sheets are available within the file: SN5495A, SN54LS95B, SN7495A, SN74LS95B

74LS95 Datasheet PDF Download

74LS95 pdf


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UPD75316 Datasheet – 4-Bit Single-Chip Microcomputer – NEC

Part Number: UPD75316

Function: 4-bit Single-chip Microcomputer Incorporating LCD Controller/driver

Package: 80-pin plastic QFP (14×20 mm)

Manufacturer: NEC ( Renesas Technology )


UPD75316 datasheet



The µPD75316(A), UPD75316 is one of the 75X Series 4-bit single-chip microcomputer having a built-in LCD controller/driver, and has a data processing capability comparable to that of an 8-bit microcomputer. In addition to high-speed operation with 0.95 µs minimum instruction execution time for the CPU, the µPD75316(A) can also process data in 1-, 4-, and 8-bit units. Therefore, as a 4-bit single-chip microcomputer chip having a built-in LCD panel controller/driver, its data processing capability is the highest in its class in the world.


1. Higher reliability than uPD75316
2. Internal memory
3. Program memory (ROM)
(1) 16256 x 8 bits (uPD75316(A))
(2) 12160 x 8 bits (uPD75312(A))

4. Data memory : 512 x 4 bits

5. Capable of high-speed operation and variable instruction execution time to power save
(1) 0.95 ms, 1.91 ms, 15.3 ms (operating at 4.19 MHz)
(2) 122 ms (operating at 32.768 kHz)

6. 75X architecture comparable to that for an 8-bit microcomputer is employed
7. Built-in programmable LCD controller/driver
8. Clock operation at reduced power dissipation: 5 mA TYP. (operating at 3 V)
9. Enhanced timer function (3 channels)


Suitable for controlling automotive and transportation equipment.

Other data sheets are available within the file: D75316, PD75316, UPD75312GF, UPD75316GF(A)-xxx-3B9

UPD75316 Datasheet PDF Download

UPD75316 pdf