7403 Datasheet – Quad 2-Input NAND Gates

Part Number : 7403, DM7403, SN7403N

Function : Quad 2-Input NAND Gates

Package : DIP 14 type

Manufactures : National Semiconductor, Fairchild, TI


7403 NAND Gate



This device contains four independent gates each of which performs the logic NAND function. The open-collector outputs require external pull-up resistors for proper logical operation.

Outputs of one gate can be connected to inputs of another within the same chip or to another chip as long as they share the same ground. The figure to the left illustrates a basic circuit showing how to wire inputs and using LEDs to display outputs.


7403 datasheet pinout

Pin Number Description
1 A Input Gate 1
2 B Input Gate 1
3 Y Output Gate 1
4 A Input Gate 2
5 B Input Gate 2
6 Y Output Gate 2
7 Ground
8 Y Output Gate 3
9 B Input Gate 3
10 A Input Gate 3
11 Y Output Gate 4
12 B Input Gate 4
13 A Input Gate 4
14 Positive Supply


1. Outputs Directly Interface to CMOS, NMOS and TTL
2. Large Operating Voltage Range
3. Wide Operating Conditions


Truth Table

7403 truth table

7403 Datasheet



R3J1K5 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : R3J1K5

Function : Resistors – Through Hole Resistors

Manufacturers : Ohmite Mfg. Co.

Pinouts :

R3J1K5 datasheet

Description :

• Radial construction for direct insertion into printed circuit boards; fit standard 0.10 inch
matrix boards with standard 0.046 inch diameter holes. Provides a built in stand-off to
reduce board temperature.
• Space saving radial terminals reduce the total length require ment compared to axial terminal resistors and increase packaging density possibilities.
• Flame resistant lead free vitreous enamel coating.
• RoHS compliant; add “E” suffix to part number to specify.

R3J1K5 Datasheet PDF Download

R3J1K5 pdf

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