BD676 Datasheet – 45V, 4A, PNP Transistor, TO-225

Part Number : BD676

Function : 45V, 4A, Silicon PNP Darlington Transistor

Package : TO-225AA Type

Manufacturers : ON Semiconductor

Pinouts :

BD676 datasheet

Description :

This series of plastic, medium−power silicon PNP Darlington transistors can be used as output devices in complementary general−purpose amplifier applications.

• High DC Current Gain
• Monolithic Construction
• BD676, 676A, 678, 678A, 680, 680A, 682 are complementary with BD675, 675A, 677, 677A, 679, 679A, 681

Other data sheets within the file : BD676AG, BD676G, BD678AG, BD678G

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