74147 Datasheet PDF – Priority Encoder

Part Number : 74147, SN74147N

Function : PNP Epitaxial Silicon Transistor

Pacakge : TO 220 Type

Manufacturers : CDIL,  Fairchild Semiconductor


74147 encoder


These TTL encoders feature priority decoding of the inputs to ensure that only the highest-order data line is encoded. The ’147 and ’LS147 devices encode nine data lines to four-line (8-4-2-1) BCD. The implied decimal zero condition requires no input condition, as zero is encoded when all nine data lines are at a high logic level.
The ’148 and ’LS148 devices encode eight data lines to three-line (4-2-1) binary (octal). Cascading circuitry (enable input EI and enable output EO) has been provided to allow octal expansion without the need for external circuitry. For all types, data inputs and outputs are active at the low logic level. All inputs are buffered to represent one normalized Series 54/74 or 54/74LS load, respectively.


74147 datasheet pinout

74LS147 pinout


74147 Truth Table



1. Encode 10-Line Decimal to 4-Line BCD
2. Applications Include:

− Keyboard Encoding
− Range Selection


74147 Datasheet PDF Download

74147 pdf

74LS147 pdf


BD676 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : BD676

Function : Plastic Medium-Power Silicon PNP Darlingtons

Manufacturers : ON Semiconductor

Pinouts :

BD676 datasheet

Description :

This series of plastic, medium−power silicon PNP Darlington transistors can be used as output devices in complementary general−purpose amplifier applications.

• High DC Current Gain
• Monolithic Construction
• BD676, 676A, 678, 678A, 680, 680A, 682 are complementary with BD675, 675A, 677, 677A, 679, 679A, 681

BD676 Datasheet PDF Download

BD676 pdf

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