80SQ045 Datasheet – 45V, 8A, Diode, Rectifier

Part Number : 80SQ045

Function : Axial Lead Rectifier

Manufacturers : ON Semiconductor

Pinouts :

80SQ045 datasheet

Description :

• High Current Capability
• Low Stored Charge, Majority Carrier Conduction
• Low Power Loss/High Efficiency
• Highly Stable Oxide Passivated Junction
• Guard−Ring for Stress Protection
• Low Forward Voltage
• High Surge Capacity
• These are Pb−Free Devices

Mechanical Characteristics:
• Case: Epoxy, Molded
• Weight: 1.1 Gram (Approximately)
• Finish: All External Surfaces Corrosion Resistant and Terminal Leads are Readily Solderable
• Lead and Mounting Surface Temperature for Soldering Purpos 220°C Max. for 10 Seconds, 1/16″from Case
• Polarity: Cathode indicated by Polarity Band
• ESD Protection: Human Body Model > 4000 V (Class 3) Machine Model > 400 V (Class C)

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