MR-E-70A-KH003 PDF Datasheet – AC Servo Motor, Amplifier

The Part Number is MR-E-70A-KH003, MRE70AKH003.

The function of this semiconductor is General-Purpose AC Servo Motor, Amplifier.

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Electric

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MR-E-70A-KH003 datasheet pdf


The Mitsubishi general-purpose AC servo MR-E Super has position control and internal speed control modes. It can perform operation with the control modes changed, e.g. position/internal speed control. Hence, it is applicable to wide range of fields such as precision positioning and smooth speed control of machine tools and general industrial machines.

As this new series has the RS-232C or RS-422 serial communication function, a MR Configurator (servo configuration software)-installed personal computer or the like can be used to perform parameter setting, test operation, status display monitoring, gain adjustment, etc


Combination with servo motor :

The following table lists combinations of servo amplifiers and servo motors. The same combinations apply to the servo motors with an electromagnetic brake. HF-KN/HF-SN servo motor is available for the servo amplifier with software version A9 or later.



MR-E-70A-KH003 Datasheet

DAP013F Datasheet PDF – AC-DC Converter, 14 Pin

Part Number: DAP013F

Function: High Performance AC-DC converter

Package: SOP 14 Pin

Manufacturer: ON Semicondcutor

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The DAP013F offers everything to build high performance AC-DC converters or offline adapters. Thanks to a novel valley lockout system, the controller is able to switch inside the drain-source valley and is immune to valley jumping instabilities. When the output load decreases significantly, the controller toggles to a fixed peak current/variable frequency mode that ensures very low standby power consumption.


1. Quasi-resonant Peak Current-mode Control Operation
2. Valley Switching Operation with Valley-lockout for Noise-immune Operation
3. VCO Mode (fixed peak current, variable frequency) in Light Output Load for Improved Standby Dissipation
4. Internal 5 ms Soft-start
5. Loss-free Adjustable Over Power Protection
6. Auto-recovery or Latched Internal Output Short-circuit Protection
7. Adjustable Timer for Improved Short-circuit Protection


DAP013F Pinout, Curcuit DAP013F Datasheet

Pin Description

1. Over Power Protection pin (OPP, pin 1): applying a negative voltage on this pin reduces the internal maximum peak current set point.
2. Over Temperature Protection pin (OTP, pin 2): Connect an NTC between this pin and ground. An internal current source biases the NTC. When the NTC pulls the pin down, the circuit permanently latches-off.
3. Timer pin (Timer, pin 3): Wiring a capacitor from this pin to ground helps selecting the timer duration.
4. Zero Voltage Detection pin (ZCD, pin 4): Connected to the auxiliary winding, this pin detects the core reset event.
5. Timing Capacitor pin (Ct, pin 5): A capacitor connected to this pin acts as the timing capacitor in VCO mode.
6. Feedback pin (FB, pin 6): Hooking an optocoupler collector to this pin will allow regulation.
7. Current Sense pin (CS, pin 7): This pin monitors the primary current and triggers the fault if needed.
8. Ground pin (GND, pin 8): The controller ground.
9. Driver pin (DRV, pin 9): This pin delivers pulses to the power MOSFET.
10. Power Supply pin (VCC, pin 10): This pin supplies the controller and accepts voltage up to 28 V.
11. Brown-Out pin (BO, pin 11): Allows shutting-down the controller for a chosen input voltage level. (C and D versions only)
12. Over Voltage Protection pin (OVP, pin 12): By pulling this pin high, the controller can be permanently latched-off.
13. High Voltage pin (HV, pin 14): Connected to the bulk capacitor, this pin powers the internal current source to deliver a start-up current that charges the VCC capacitor.

Reference PDF :

DAP013F Datasheet PDF

DAP013F pdf