FWA150012A-12B Datasheet PDF – 12V, Desktop AC Adapter

Part Number : FWA150012A-12B

Function : Desktop AC Adapter

Manufacturers : inventuspower ( http://inventuspower.com )

Image :

FWA150012A-12B datasheet


Description :

Desktop AC Adapters 12V 12.5A 150W 7.56 X 2.45 X 1.52

FWA150012A-12B adapter

Other data sheets within the file : FWA150012A

FWA150012A-12B Datasheet PDF Download

FWA150012A-12B pdf

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PX401 Datasheet PDF – 400W, AC/DC Power Supply

Part Number : PX401

Function : AC/DC Power Supply. 400W.

Package : Module Type

Manufacturers : C&D TECHNOLOGIES

Images :

PX401 datasheet


Description :

The PX401 is a compact 400 watt Power Factor Corrected, multiple output power supply. All outputs are fully isolated and regulated. Active current sharing circuitry, together with control functions and alarm options, simplifies N+1 and redundant applications. Fan and disk drive applications are handled by the peak current ratings of the auxiliary outputs.

Ordering Information

PX401 Ordering Information


1. Active Power Factor Correction
2. High Surge Current Auxiliary Outputs
3. FCC/VDE Class B EMI Filter
4. Fully Isolated and Regulated Outputs
5. Compact Size: 10” x 4.85” x 2.19”
6. One, Two, Three and Four Output Models
7. Optional Cover With Fan


Other data sheets within the file : PX401/403-U3A, PX401/403-U3B, PX401/403-U4C, PX401/403-U4F

PX401 Datasheet PDF Download

PX401 pdf

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