IN1M101 Datasheet – Precision AC Brown-out Supervisor IC

Part Number : IN1M101, IN1M101-T6G

Function : Precision AC Brown-out Supervisor IC

Package : SOT-26

Manufacturers : Infinno

Image : IN1M101 image

Description :

IN1M101 provides a precise comparator to detect the rectified AC voltage, which could protect the SPS when AC voltage is low. At the same time, the ic also provides the delay time to noise immunity.


1. The Brown-out protection (BOP) setting by two resistor and auto restart.
2. Wild operation voltage range.
3. Two faults output
4. Low standby current consumption
5. High noise immunity
6. RoHS compliant and Halogen free


1. FPO : Fault protect pin
2. VSS : Ground
3. VCC : Power supply
4. NDFPO : Non-Delay Fault protect pin
5. CD : Delay time setting capacitor
6. IN1 : Comparator passive terminal input1

IN1M101 Datasheet


1. TV open frame SMPS
2. Adapter DVD and CD(R)

IN1M101 Datasheet


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SSR-10DA Datasheet – 10A, DC to AC Relay – Fotek

Part Number : SSR-10DA

Description : SSR Series, DC to AC Solid State Relay

Manufactures :

Image :




1. High Reliability by S.M.T & TGC. ( Surface Mounting Technology )
2. High Isolation over than 50mOhm / 500 VDC
3. High Dielectric over than 2.5KV
4. Low Enable Current less than 7.5mA / 12VDC CMOS IC or TTL Compatible.
5. Low EMI / EFI & Surge by Zero Cross Trigger Method.
6. High Surge Current Duration Over 10 Times of Rated Current / One Cycle
7. High Surge Voltage Duratin By Snubber Circuit






SSR-10DA Diagram
Other data sheets within the file : SSR-25DA, SSR-25DA-H, SSR-40DA-H, SSR-P03DA

SSR-10DA Datasheet


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