FWA150012A-12B Datasheet PDF – 12V, Desktop AC Adapter

Part Number : FWA150012A-12B

Function : Desktop AC Adapter

Manufacturers : inventuspower ( http://inventuspower.com )

Image :

FWA150012A-12B datasheet


Description :

Desktop AC Adapters 12V 12.5A 150W 7.56 X 2.45 X 1.52

FWA150012A-12B adapter

Other data sheets within the file : FWA150012A

FWA150012A-12B Datasheet PDF Download

FWA150012A-12B pdf

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EM-WLU351 Datasheet PDF – Wireless USB Adapter

Part Number : EM-WLU351

Function : Wireless USB Adapter

Manufacturers : Planet

Images :

EM-WLU351 datasheet


Description :

With IEEE 802.11b standard-based, WL-U351 provides 11Mbps wireless networking for USB-enabled desktops or notebooks. It can operate in either Ad-Hoc mode ( Point to Point/Point to Multipoint without Access Point ) or Infrastructure mode ( Point to Point/Point to Multipoint with Access Point ).

1. 2.4Ghz ISM band, unlicensed operation
2. Wireless connection without the hassless and cost of cabling
3. Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b compiant
4. Up to 11Mbps data rate with CSMA / CA

Other data sheets within the file : EMWLU351

EM-WLU351 Datasheet PDF Download

EM-WLU351 pdf

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