MAX44260 Datasheet PDF – Rail-to-Rail I/O Op Amp

Part Number: MAX44260

Function: 1.8V, 15MHz Low-Offset, Low-Power, Rail-to-Rail I/O Op Amps

Package: SC-70 Type

Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated


MAX44260 datasheet



The MAX44260, MAX44261, MAX44263 offer a unique combination of high speed, precision, low noise, and low voltage operation making them ideally suited for a large
number of signal processing functions such as filtering and amplification of signals in portable and industrial equipment. The amplifiers feature an input offset of less than 50FV
and a high-gain bandwidth product of 15MHz while maintaining a low 1.8V supply rail. The devices’ rail-to-rail input/outputs and low noise guarantee maximum dynamic range in demanding applications such as 12- to 14-bit SAR ADC drivers. Unlike traditional rail-to-rail input structures, input crossover distortion is absent due to an optimized input stage with an ultra-quiet charge pump. The MAX44260 includes a fast-power-on shutdown mode for further power savings. The MAX44261 offers a unique on-demand calibration pin where the user can invoke self-trimming of the input offset voltage. The MAX44263 is a dual amplifier.


1. 15MHz Unity-Gain Bandwidth

2. Low 12.7nV/√HzInput Voltage-Noise Density

3. Low 1.2fA/√HzInput Current-Noise Density

4. Low 50µV (max) VOSat +25°C

5. On-Demand VOSSelf-Calibration (MAX44261)

6. 500fA Low Input Bias Current

7. 750µA Quiescent Current per Amplifier

8. < 1µA Supply Current in Shutdown

9. Low 110dB Total Harmonic Distortion

Other data sheets are available within the file:

MAX44260AXT+, MAX44260AYT+, MAX44261, MAX44261AXT+

MAX44260 Datasheet PDF Download

MAX44260 pdf

AD8099 Datasheet – Voltage Noise OP AMP ( PDF )

Part Number: AD8099

Function: Ultralow Distortion, High Speed 0.95 nV/√Hz Voltage Noise Op Amp

Package: LFSO, SOIC 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Analog Devices


AD8099 datasheet



The AD8099 is an ultralow noise (0.95 nV/√Hz) and distortion (–92 dBc @10 MHz) voltage feedback op amp, the combination of which make it ideal for 16- and 18-bit systems. The AD8099 features a new, highly linear, low noise input stage that increases the full power bandwidth (FPBW) at low gains with high slew rates. ADI’s proprietary next generation XFCB process enables such high performance amplifiers with relatively low power.


1. Ultralow noise: 0.95 nV/√Hz, 2.6 pA/√Hz
2. High speed
3. New pinout
4. Custom external compensation, gain range –1, +2 to +10
5. Supply current : 15 mA
6. Offset voltage : 0.5 mV max
7. Wide supply voltage range : 5 V to 12 V


1. Pre-amplifiers
2. Receivers
3. Instrumentation
4. Filters
5. IF and baseband amplifiers
6. A-to-D drivers
7. DAC buffers
8. Optical electronics

TA = 25°C, G = +2, RL = 1 kΩ to ground, unless otherwise noted. Refer to Figure 60 through Figure 66 for component values and gain configurations.

VS = 5 V @ TA = 25°C, G = +2, RL = 1 kΩ to midsupply, unless otherwise noted. Refer to Figure 60 through Figure 66 for component values and gain configurations.

Other data sheets are available within the file:


AD8099 Datasheet PDF Download

AD8099 pdf