UPC1298V – Audio Power Amplifier (Datasheet)

Part Number : UPC1298V

Function : 50 to 80 W power amplifier driver

Package : 14 Pin type

Manufacturers : NEC ( Renesas Technology )

Image :

UPC1298V datasheet


Description :

uPc1298V is a intergrated monolithic circuit designed for 50W to 80W class HiFi audio power amplifier and consists of a input differential amplifier, a predriver circuit, a diver circuit and a over current preotection circuit.

Block Diagram and Pinouts :

UPC1298V pinouts

Features :

1. Low Distortion

2. Wide Frequency Band : 900 kHz type ( -3dB )

3. Wide power band width : 90 kHz type


UPC1298V Datasheet PDF Download

UPC1298V pdf

Other data sheets within the file : UPC1298

STK4131II Datasheet PDF – AF Power Amplifer, SIP 18 – Sanyo

Part Number : STK4131II


Package : SIP 18 Pin type

Manufacturers : SANYO (Panasonic)

Image :
STK4131II datasheet

Description :

This is 2-Channel 20W min AF Power Amplifier.

Features :

1. Smaller package as compared with the STK450 series.

2. Built-in muting circuit to cut off versions kinds of shock noise.

3. Greatly reduced heat sink due to case temperature 120°C guaranteed.

4. Excellent cost performance.

Other data sheets within the file : STK4131, STK4131-II, STK-4131II

STK4131II Datasheet PDF Download

STK4131II pdf

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