PA2030A Datasheet PDF – MOSFET IC Power Amp – Pioneer

Partnumber : PA2030A

Description : MOSFET IC Power Amp

Package : ZIP 25 IC Chip

Manufactures : Pioneer


PA2030A Image


The PA2030A is a class AB Audio Power Amplifier. It allows a rail to rail output voltage swing with no need of bootstrap capacitors for the fully complementary PNP/NPN output configuration.

Features for PA2030A

1. MOSFET output power stage
2. Excellent 2 Ω driving capability
3. Hi-Fi class distortion
4. Low output noise
5. ST-BY function
6. Mute function
7. Automute at min. supply voltage detection

PA2030A Datasheet Pinout

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PA2030A Datasheet

PA2030A pdf

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BA4558 Datasheet PDF – Dual Operational Amplifier

Part Number : BA4558

Function : Dual Operational Amplifier

Package : DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturers : ROHM Semiconductor


BA4558 datasheet



Description :

The BA4558, BA4558F, and BA4558N are monolithic ICs with two operational amplifiers featuring low power consumption and internal phase compensation mounted on a single silicon chip.

These products offer high speed, a wide band width, and low noise. Outstanding thermal haracteristics and voltage gain band width make these ICs ideal for use in a wide variety of electronic circuits.

The BA4558 comes in an 8-pin DIP package and is compatible with the 4558 operational amplifier. The BA4558F comes in an 8-pin SOP package, and the BA4558N in an 8-pin SIP package.

Pinouts :

BA4558 datasheet


1. Low power dissipation of approximately 50mW (typ.).
2. Built-in output short-circuit protection circuit.
3. Internal phase compensation.
4. No latch-up.
5. Wide range of common mode and differential voltage.
6. High gain and low noise.


1. Active filters
2. Audio amplifiers
3. VCOs
4. Other electronic circuits

Other data sheets within the file : BA4558F, BA4558N

BA4558 Datasheet PDF Download

BA4558 pdf