001-04009 PDF – Smart Antenna – Trackstar

Part Number : 001-04009

Function : Smart Antenna

Manufactures : Track Star

Images :

001-04009 image

Description :

Introducing the new Track Star ®Smart Antenna, the affordable way to add AVL Fleet
Management technology to wirelessly enabled fleets. Using the portable computers
found in an increasing number of vehicle fleets, the Smart Antenna captures GPS location
data and forwards that data to the Track Star AVLS software system. The GPS Forwarder
software product is also available separately for users with existing GPS devices.

GPS Receiver (other devices avail.)

1. SiRF Star III with WAAS Chipset
2. L1 Band, 1575.42 MHz
3. C/A code at 1.023 MHz chip rate
4. 20 Channels, all-in-view tracking
5. Sensitivity: -159 dBm
6. Accuracy 10 meters, 2D RMS, 5 meters, 2D RMS, WAAS enabled
7. Datum WGS-84


001-04009—Track Star Smart Antenna (GPS Antenna and GPS Forwarder Software
001-04010—Track Star GPS Forwarder Software ONLY

001-04009 Datasheet

ODV-065R15B18K – Outdoor Directional Dual-band Antenna

Part Number : ODV-065R15B18K, ODV-065R18B18K

Function : Outdoor Directional Dual-band Antenna

Manufacturers : Comba Telecom Systems ( http://www.comba-telecom.com )

Technical Specifications

ODV-065R15B18K antenna spec

Description :

1. Frequency Range
2. Polarization
3. Horizontal Beamwidth
4. Vertical Beamwidth
5. Electrical Downtilt Range
6. First Upper Sidelobe Suppression


Official Homepage

ODV-065R17E18K : http://german-electric.net/download/antennas/comba/2-3g-antennas/ODV-065R17E18K_DS_0-0-1.pdf


ODV-065R15B18K Datasheet

ODV-065R15B18K pdf