AD74111 Datasheet – Mono Audio Codec, TSSOP 16

Part Number : AD74111

Function : Low Cost, Low Power Mono Audio Codec

Package : 16-Lead TSSOP Type

Manufacturers : Analog Devices

Pinouts :

AD74111 datasheet


Description :

This is Mono Audio Codec.

The AD74111 is a front-end processor for general-purpose audio and voice applications. It features a multibit – A/D conversion channel and a multibit – D/A conversion channel. The ADC
channel provides >67 dB THD+N and the DAC channel provides >88 dB THD+N, both over an audio signal bandwidth. The AD74111 is particularly suitable for a variety of applications where mono input and output channels are required, including audio sections of digital video camcorders, portable personal audio devices, and telematic applications. Its high quality performance also makes it suitable for speech and telephony applications such as speech recognition and synthesis, and modern feature phones. An on-chip reference voltage is included but can be powered down and bypassed by an external reference source if required. The AD74111 offers sampling rates that, depending on MCLK selection and MCLK divider ratio, range from 8 kHz in the voiceband range to 48 kHz in the audio range. The AD74111 is available in a 16-lead TSSOP package option and is specified for the automotive temperature range of –40°C to +105°C.

Features :

1. 2.5 V Mono Audio Codec with 3.3 V Tolerant
2. Digital Interface
3. Supports 8 kHz to 48 kHz Sample Rates
4. Supports 16-/20-/24-Bit Word Lengths
5. Multibit – Modulators with
6. “Perfect Differential Linearity Restoration” for
7. Reduced Idle Tones and Noise Floor
8. Data Directed Scrambling DAC – Least Sensitive to Jitter
9. Performance (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
10. 85 dB ADC Dynamic Range
11. 93 dB DAC Dynamic Range
12. Programmable ADC Gain
13. On-Chip Volume Control for DAC Channel
14. Software Controllable Clickless Mute
15. Supports 256fS, 512fS, and 768fS Master Mode
16. Clocks
17. Master Clock Prescaler for Use with DSP Master Clocks
18. On-Chip Reference

Applications :

1. Digital Video Camcorders (DVC)
2. Portable Audio Devices (Walkman®, PDAs, and so on)
3. Audio Processing
4. Voice Processing
5. Telematic Systems
6. General-Purpose Analog I/O

Other data sheets within the file : AD74111YRU

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EL34 PDF Datasheet – Audio Power Pentode

Part Number : EL34

Function : High Performance Audio Power Pentode

Package : 8 Pin Circle type

Manufactures : Svetlana, philips

Images :

EL34 pinout

Description :

The Device is a glass envelope power pentode having a plate dissipation rating of 25 Watts with convection cooling. It is intended for audio frequency power amplification service in either pentode, ultralinear or triode connection and single or push-pull/parallel applications. The Svetlana EL34 has an indirectly-heated oxide cathode, which may be DC operated for the absolute best hum/noise performance.

The Svetlana EL34 plate is made from a laminated material that improves heat transfer and has superior performance under overload conditions which are often seen with guitar amplifiers. Close manufacturing specification tolerances and improved processing provide enhanced reliability and superior sonic performance. The high sensitivity of a pair or quad of Svetlana EL34’s is an economical method to achieve high quality sound with a minimum of driving stage components.

The Svetlana EL34 is manufactured with the original Mullard design in the Svetlana factory in St. Petersburg, Russia, and is designed to be a direct replacement for any EL34/6CA7 or equivalent. The Svetlana EL34 gives electrical and audio performance very similar to that of the original Mullard EL34.

2 page

EL34 PDF Datasheet