LT3652 Datasheet PDF – Power Tracking 2A, Battery Charger

Part Number : LT3652

Function : Power Tracking 2A, Battery Charger

Package : DFN 12 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Linear Technology, Analog Devices

Pinouts :

LT3652 datasheet


Description :

The LT3652 is a complete monolithic step-down battery charger that operates over a 4.95V to 32V input voltage range.

The device provides a constant-current/constant-voltage charge characteristic, with maximum charge current externally programmable up to 2A.

The charger employs a 3.3V float voltage feedback reference, so any desired battery float voltage up to 14.4V can be programmed with a resistor divider.

Features :

1. Input Supply Voltage Regulation Loop for Peak Power Tracking in (MPPT) Solar Applications

2. Wide Input Voltage Range: 4.95V to 32V (40V Abs Max)

3. Programmable Charge Rate Up to 2A

4. User Selectable Termination: C/10 or On-Board Termination Timer

5. Resistor Programmable Float Voltage Up to 14.4V Accommodates Li-Ion/Polymer, LiFePO4, SLA Chemistries

Applications :

1. Solar Powered Applications
2. Remote Monitoring Stations
3. LiFePO4 (Lithium Phosphate) Applications
4. Portable Handheld Instruments
5. 12V to 24V Automotive Systems

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LT3652 Datasheet PDF Download

LT3652 pdf

MAX6440UTCJVD3 Datasheet PDF – Volt Supervisor Monitor

Part Number : MAX6440UTCJVD3

Function : Low-Power, Battery Monitors with Hysteresis and Integrated µP Reset

Package : SOT23-6 Type

Manufacturers : Maxim Integrated

Pinouts :

MAX6440UTCJVD3 datasheet


Description :

The MAX6440UTCJVD3, MAX6439 thru MAX6442 are a family of ultra-low-power battery monitors with integrated microprocessor (µP) supervisors. The battery monitors are offered with single or dual low-battery output options that can be used to signal when the battery is OK (enabling full system operation), when the battery is low (for low-power system operation), and when the battery is dead (to disable system operation).

These devices also have an independent µP supervisor that monitors VCCand provides an active-low reset output. A manual reset function is available to reset the µP with a push-button. No external components are required.

Features :

1. Immune to Short Battery Voltage Transients

2. Low Current (2.5μA typ at 3.6V)

3. Single and Dual Low-Battery Output Options

4. 150ms Minimum LBO Timeout Period

5. Independent μP Reset with Manual Reset


MAX6440UTCJVD3 Datasheet PDF Download

MAX6440UTCJVD3 pdf

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MAX6439, MAX6441, MAX6442