SN74LS47 Datasheet – BCD to 7-Segment Decoder / Driver

Part Number : SN74LS47

Function : BCD to 7-Segment Decoder / Driver

Package : DIP, SOIC 16 Pin Type

Manufacturers : ON Semiconductor

Pinouts :

SN74LS47 datasheet

Description :

The SN74LS47 are Low Power Schottky BCD to 7-Segment Decoder /Drivers consisting of NAND gates, input buffers and seven AND-OR-INVERT gates. They offer active LOW, high sink current outputs for driving indicators directly. Seven NAND gates and one driver are connected in pairs to make BCD data and its complement available to the seven decoding AND-OR-INVERT gates. The remaining NAND gate and three input buffers provide lamp test, blanking input/ripple-blanking output and ripple-blanking input.


1. Lamp Intensity Modulation Capability (BI/RBO)
2. Open Collector Outputs
3. Lamp Test Provision
4. Leading/Trailing Zero Suppression
5. Input Clamp Diodes Limit High-Speed Termination Effects

Logic Diagram

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SN74LS47 Datasheet PDF Download

SN74LS47 pdf

MC14534B Datasheet PDF – 5 Cascaded BCD Counter

Part Number : MC14534B

Function : 5 Cascaded BCD Counter

Package : DIP, SOIC 24 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Motorola ( Freescale )

Images :

MC14534B datasheet


Description :

The MC14534B is composed of five BCD ripple counters that have their respectiveoutputs multiplexed using an internal scanner. Outputs of each counterare selected by the scanner and appear on four (BCD) pins. Selectionis indicated by a logic high on the appropriate digit select pin. Both BCDand digit select outputs have three–state controls providing an “open–circuit” when these controls are high and allowing multiplexing. Cascadingmay be accomplished by using the carry–out pin. The counters andscanner can be independently reset by applying a high to the counter masterreset (MR) andthe scanner reset (SR). The MC14534B was specificallydesigned for applicationin real time or event counters where continual updating and multiplexed displays are used.


MC14534B pinout


1. Four Operating Modes (See truth table)
2. Input Error Detection Circuit
3. Clock Conditioning Circuits for Slow Transition Inputs
4. Counter Sequences on Positive Transition of Clock A
5. Supply Voltage Range = 3.0 Vdc to 18 Vdc
6. Capable of Driving Two Low–power TTL Loads or One Low–power Schottky TTL Load Over the Rated Temperature Range

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MC14534B Datasheet PDF Download

MC14534B pdf