KT88 Datasheet PDF – A.F. BEAM PENTODE

Part Number : KT88

Function : A.F. BEAM PENTODE

Package : Tube Module type

Manufacturers : JJ Electronic, Genalex




KT88 is a beam output pentode with an octal base and power of 42W. Very powerful, with strong bass and very bright highs. It can also be used in 6550 amplifiers.

The device has an anode dissipation of 35W and is primarily designed for the output stage of an a.f. amplifer for which two valves will provide up to 100W output. Under intermittent conditions, an output 150W is obtainable in Class B. It is also suitable for use as a series valve in stabilised power supply.


Pinouts :

KT88 datasheet pinout

Reference Site

1. http://www.jj-electronic.com/
2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/

KT88 Datasheet PDF Download

KT88 pdf

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CYS25G0101DX Datasheet PDF

Part Number : CYS25G0101DX

Function : SONET OC-48 Transceiver – 120-pin TQFP (Pb-free)

Manufacturers : Cypress Semiconductor

Pinouts :

CYS25G0101DX datasheet

Description :

Functional Description
The CYS25G0101DX SONET OC-48 Transceiver is a communications building block for high speed SONET data communications. It provides complete parallel-to-serial and serial-to-parallel conversion, clock generation, and clock and data recovery operations in a single chip optimized for full SONET compliance.

Transmit Path
New data is accepted at the 16-bit parallel transmit interface at a rate of 155.52 MHz. This data is passed to a small integrated FIFO to enable flexible transfer of data between the SONET processor and the transmit serializer. As each 16-bit word is read from the transmit FIFO, it is serialized and sent out to the high speed differential line driver at a rate of 2.488 Gbits per second.


Automotive QualifiedN
Min. Operating Voltage (V)3.00
Min. Operating Temp. (°C)0
Max. Operating Temp. (°C)70
Max. Speed (Mbps)2488
No. of Channels1
Min. Speed (Mbps)155
Max. Operating Voltage (V)3.60

CYS25G0101DX Datasheet PDF Download

CYS25G0101DX pdf

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