KB22688E Datasheet PDF – TV Sound MPX Broadcast

Part Number : KB22688E


Package : DIP 32 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Samsung

Pinouts :

KB22688E datasheet


Description :

The KB22688E is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for demodulating two carrier TV-MPX broadcast.


1. 1st & 2st Sound IF
2. Double-PLL FM Detection
3. AGC for CCA part
4. Matrix for Multi-Sound Broadcasts
5. Pilot Detector
6.External Control Interface
7. ID Indicators ( Stereo, Bilingual )
8. Available for Korea standard
9. Non-clipping output up to 400% modulation with AGC
10. Available in DC control, Normal microcontroler control of IIC bus control systems
11. ID output : Direct LED drive or IIC serial data output

Absolute maximum ratings ( Ta =25’C )

1. Maximum Supply Voltage : VCC amx = 6V
2. Power Dissipation : Pd = 1000 mW

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KB22688E Datasheet PDF Download

KB22688E pdf

TPS62175 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : TPS62175

Function : 28V, 0.5A Step-Down Converter with SNOOZE Mode

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

TPS62175 datasheet

Description :

The TPS62175/7 is a high efficiency synchronous step-down DC-DC converter, based on the DCS-Control topology.

With a wide operating input voltage range of 4.75 to 28V, the device is ideally suited for systems powered from multi cell Li-Ion as well as 12V and even higher intermediate supply rails, providing up to 500mA output current.

The TPS62175/7 automatically enters Power Save Mode at light loads, to maintain high efficiency across the whole load range. As well, it features a Sleep Mode to supply applications with advanced power save modes like ultra low power micro controllers. The Power Good output may be used for power sequencing and/or Power On Reset.

TPS62175 Datasheet PDF Download

TPS62175 pdf

Other data sheets within the file :