TAJC106M035RNJ Datasheet PDF – 35V, 10uF, Tantal Capacitor

Part Number : TAJC106M035RNJ

Function : TAJ Series / Standard Tantalum

Manufacturers : AVX Corporation

Image :

TAJC106M035RNJ datasheet


Description :

This is 35V, 10uF, Tantal Capacitor.

Features :

• General purpose SMT chip tantalum series

• 6 case sizes available

• Low profile options available

• CV range: 0.10-2200μF / 2.5-50V


TAJC106M035RNJ Datasheet PDF Download

TAJC106M035RNJ pdf

Other data sheets within the file :

TAJA105M025, TAJA155M025, TAJA225M025, TAJA335M025, TAJA474M025

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ECQE12103XF Datasheet – 0.01uF 1250V, Film Capacitor

Part Number : ECQE12103XF, ECQE12103KF, ECQE12103JF

Function : 0.01uF 1250V, Film Capacitor

Manufacturers : Panasonic Corporation

Image and Pinouts :

ECQE12103XF datasheet


Description :

This is 0.01uF 1250V, Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor.

Features :

1. Self-healing property

2. Excellent electrical characteristics

3. Flame retardant epoxy resin coating

4. RoHS directive compliant

Recommended Applications :

1. General purpose usage

Other data sheets within the file :

ECQ-E10102KF, ECQ-E10822JF, ECQ-E1103KF,


ECQE12103XF Datasheet PDF Download

ECQE12103XF pdf

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