KSD301 Datasheet – Thermostat Switch ( PDF )

This is Thermostat Switch.

Part Number : KSD301

Description : Ceramic Bimetal Thermostat Switch

Package : Module type

Manufactures : www.sunshinele.com

Image :

KSD301 datasheet image

Description :

KSD301 series snap-action bimetal thermostat is a kind of miniature hermetically sealed bimetal thermostat (1/2″ disc). It is of single-pole single-throw structure and works under resistive load. KSD301 bimetal thermostat is in wide use in a great variety of compact type home appliances with automatic reset or manual reset to provide temperature control or temperature protection.


  1. Electrical Rating :
    (1) 16A 125V AC (Resistive Load)
    (2) 10A 250V AC (Resistive Load)
    (3) 16A 250V AC (Resistive Load)
  2. Operating Temp: 50~ 175℃ (UL.CUL 205℃)
  3. Differential: 10~30K (15K Standard)
  4. Temp. Tolerance: OperatingTemp.  3K 5K
  5. Heat Durability:  220℃ Max. (PPS)
  6. Circuit Resistance: 50mΩ Max.
  7. Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ


KSD301 pinout

Applications : kitchen appliances, heaters and water boiler

KSD301 pdf

KSD301 Datasheet


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455 datasheet


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