MIP2F3 Datasheet – High-performance IPD for Battery Charger

Part Number : MIP2F3

Function : High-performance IPD designed for 20W battery charger

Package : DIP 7 Pin Type

Manufactures : Panasonic


MIP2F3 datasheet


MIP2F×series is a high-performance IPD designed for 20W battery chargers. It features built-in protection circuits necessary for compact power source charger circuitry. This allows a significant reduction in externally connected parts.

It provides PWM control when a normal load is applied and intermittent control with low load. This results in greater efficiency for very low to maximum loads, while also conserving power during standby.


1. Reduction of input voltage dependency
2. Significantly reduce no-load power consumption
(At 100 V AC input: 20 mW, at 240 V AC input: 20 mW)
3. Built-in protection function required for charger circuit


MIP2F3 pinout


1. Charger (for mobile phone)
2. AC adapter

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MIP2F3 Datasheet

MIP2F3 pdf


OZ8660LN Datasheet PDF – Single Battery Charger Controller

Part Number : OZ8660LN

Function : Single Battery Charger Controller

Package : QFN 40 Pin Type

Manufacturers : O2Micro

Images :

OZ8660LN datasheet
Description :

OZ8660LN is a high performance battery charge controller with four power MOSFETs, from power switching and selector, integrated into one package. It has input and charging current sensing, and programmable wake-up threshold with associated logic and drivers to manage the integrated system’s power path. It can operate under the supervision of a host microcontroller, and provides complete battery charging control for single battery portable systems.

Pinout :

OZ8660LN pinout


1. Highly integrated, high accuracy, single battery charge controller
2. Synchronous buck converter topology with integrated power MOSFET
3. System power selector with integrated power MOSFET
4. Outputs adapter and battery charge/discharge current information for monitoring
5. Analog inputs to program charging current, charging voltage and input current limit
6. Programmable wake-up voltage threshold


1. Notebook Computer
2. Portable Electronics

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OZ8660LN Datasheet PDF

OZ8660LN pdf